2023-2024 Seminars

Summer term

Date Time Location Title Speaker Institution
1/05/2024 12pm-1pm Ph30 A journey to running the UK’s Deep Underground Laboratory Emma Meehan Deep Science @ Boulby Underground Laboratory
22/05/2024 12pm-1pm Ph30 From trilobite molecules to tight-binding models Matt Eiles MPI PKS
24/05/2024 12pm-1pm W309 Fresnel Zone Plate Waveguides for Atom Interferometry: Towards a low Size Weight and Power Atomic Sagnac Interferometer Iain MacCuish Strathclyde
5/06/2024 12pm-1pm OCW017 First year talk Archie Baldock Durham QLM
12/06/2024 12pm-1pm OCW017 First year talk Ryuji Moriya Durham QLM
19/06/2024 12pm-1pm OCW017 First year talk Tom Hepworth Durham QLM

A list of past seminars from Michaelmas and Epiphany 2023-2024 can be found here.