Philip Gregory (Durham University)

Searching for the right experiment: Cs-Ag mixtures and very dipolar molecules

In October I started a new role funded by a Royal Society university research fellowship. This is an opportunity for me to start a new experiment here in the Quantum Light & Matter group at Durham. In my original fellowship application, the plan I outlined was to focus on the production of fermionic molecules. However, in this talk I will discuss some of the alternative directions that I have considered, and how I have finally arrived at the conclusion to study a new mixture of ultracold caesium and silver atoms. Diatomic CsAg molecules created in this mixture would have electric dipole moments up to 13.5 D [1], yielding dipolar interactions two orders of magnitude stronger than are available in RbCs.

[1] Michał Śmiałkowski and Michał Tomza, Phys. Rev. A 103, 022802 (2021)