James McGilligan (University of Strathclyde)

Micro-fabricated atomic sensors

The separation of atomic energy levels provides a previously unobtainable accuracy and precision in metrology, with an SI traceable reference to frequency and wavelength [1]. This achievable performance is widely exploited in atomic sensors, built around platforms in both cold and thermal ensembles to manipulate atom-light interactions to the benefit of real-world applications in navigation, geological surveying, medicine, communication, and finance. In recent years, our research team has focussed on the micro-fabrication of core components to aid the miniaturisation of atomic sensors to the chip-scale, where their mass producibility and portability enable deployment out of laboratory environments [2]. Our research has focussed on the realisation of a lab-on-a-chip platform, where we address measurements in length, time, rotation, and magnetic field as our primary sensor foundation. This talk will highlight our recent work on chip-scale components that facilitate a new-generation of atomic sensors. This work includes an overview of our work in the research of chip-scale atomic clocks [3,4], tunable wavelength references [5], and portable magnetometers [6,7]. Additionally, we will discuss the novel fabrication approaches we have developed with an outlook to in-field deployment of quantum technology [8].


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